Who am I ?

After several years studying the Qur’an online with Egyptian teachers, they insisted that I teach to sisters. According to them, my tilawa was excellent and I only needed to work on my hifzh.

Also, they told me that the majority of non-Arabic-speaker sisters don’t understand their Arabic explanations on tajweed rules – what was slowing down their progress.

At that time I had been a Consultant in Project Management in Paris for several years and so I didn’t know how I could teach on my spare time as I needed time for my own hifzh.

Then one day, everything changed… I discovered that I had a severe cancer with a low healing percentage… So I stopped my job and started studying Qur’an and Islamic sciences intensively.

Once healed, I decided to dedicate my life teaching Quran and Islamic science. I also decided to move to the UK to be able to practise my religion more easily.

From there, I worked hard to pass my ijaza in Qaidah dhahabiyah (the equivalence in qaidah nourania). I also passed my ijaza in reading Hafs 3an 3aasim and in tajweed rules.

Then, I started teaching for free and little by little started to charge sisters so that teaching became my first job. I was then able to drop my Project Manager job.

Now, I offer tajweed / tilawa / hifzh lessons to kids and adults.

Also, I train sisters to become Qur’an teachers so that I can get more hasanets when I leave this dunya…

I mainly teach remotely from Morocco (where I decided to settle in recently).

As for my Project Manager job, I am using my skills during my business coaching sessions. I help my students launch their business by challenging their ideas, bringing tracking tools and giving them some advices in terms of organisation.

Jamila Loutis

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